Caffeinated Face Punch!

6 50 cal

The Army is Not a Business


19AUG17: I think the most impressive thing ever accomplished in this world is the systematic convincing of poor people to fight each other, rather than to revolt against the system of rich people enslaving them.

gnd title

Some Observations About “God’s Not Dead”



12MAY17 A long and painful sigh


09APR17: Looking up from rock bottom

04APR17: Man I’ve been neglectful.  Sorry, I’m working on a couple of small writing projects for work so I’ve been a little burnt out of writing, but I’ve got some new art.  Hoping to get back to the states and burn some t-shirts.  Yes, I’m hosting another bachelor party.  It will be epic.


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The Definitive Guide to a Bachelor Party

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6 Things that have always bothered me about Star Wars


CrossFit; the fitness regiment of Millennials

08FEB17: A lesson in humility: Being a leader means you don’t get a break. Matter of fact, you actually work to make sure others get breaks while you figure things out. When you raise your hand and say “send me” it means you sacrifice excuses and comfort. When theirs criticism, you don’t recoil and point fingers, you own it and find out how to do better. I find it funny that most of these days people whine about millenials and talk big about how not everyone deserves a trouphy. These are the same people that complain about critisism and refuse to acknowledge failures. If you want a society that craves real success, stop searching for victories, acknowledge failures, and work on the things that need work. Don’t hide behind your ego.


Classy Mother Fucker Instruction Manual


Delayed: What to do when stranded at the airport.


5 ways Donald Trump mirrors Fidel Castro

20JUL16- You only get a few moments to establish yourself as a competent and involved leader, you have to be there when you’re needed, or problems happen.  The rest of the time you can be as lazy or incompetent as you want.

Maly 3

5 Music videos that prove Ukraine has the best music videos


7 Things you don’t know about Oktoberfest

11JUL16- With a hand full of pills and a mug full of coffee I’m staring at this screen hoping this brings some kind of meaning to a very frustrating day.



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