CMF Instruction Manual



As you may or may not know I’m a smooth talking, articulate, handsome mother fucker. The thing is, this doesn’t happen on accident, there’s a process to this. I’m not saying this is easy, I’m just saying it’s not impossible. You have to choose to do this though, it’s not something that happens on accident, to quote the young artist Britney Spears “you gotta work bitch”. This is my attempt to share this process with you, the internet. Through this series I hope to educate you man children with negligent father figures (like myself) into frenzied, level headed, BAMF’n Gentlemen.  I’m quite frugal in my spending habits, so this guide wont break the bank. I’ll let you know when to really invest in something worthwhile, the rest of the time, I’ll help you keep this bad ass lifestyle in a moderate budget.

Shave like a Classy Mother Fucker

CMF Workout Routine

Coming Soon…

Write like a CMF

Public Speaking as a CMF

Time to be a CMF asshole

Cut your hair to CMF standards

The art of the CMF Cigar

The art of the CMF drink

Plan the classiest and the trashiest of bachelor parties

Camp Classy

Pack light CMF

Eat like a CMF


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